Haunted Liver / Crystal Hat

from by The Highest Leviathan



(For Jason)

We fought to shatter the walls that bound him,
Without the knowledge that he was free.
But that struggle only drove him on like fresh snow,
To the edge of the woods where no one could know.

(Soaked in) Brine
(Adrift in) Time

Since the 1st of May, he'd been crippled with malaise,
Craving isolation, calling canids through the mist.
An edifice of glass contains the amber spirits, wailing!
Riding a pink cloud will only carry you so far.
With shovel in hand and spirit in tow
Soon to find a place in which to bury his heart

Return to the source.
Felt no remorse
Still has yet to be found...

At the service we all over-imbibe
On the very poison that took him from us.
Waxing poetic as though we truly knew him
Seemed an ideal way to watch the season end.

The barrel has been sealed,
And his soul is rife with flies.

Once he'd reached his home, the seal was quickly rent.
At one with nature, colors filled his mind.
Laid out on the Solstice, on a bed of leaves
Shirtless and sedated, talking to the trees
Facing ever-skyward, until his eyes went black
Confirming our suspicion, sleep is for the dead!

Perish alone,
Return to the source.
Felt no remorse

(For Rod)

We've been marching for days
'Long this mountain trail
Seeking asylum from
That which goes bump in the night.

You fell asleep
Inside my dream
And awoke with a face
The likes of which we'd never seen.

Clawing through this shallow riverbed
Generations after first being put to rest

The last time I would be reborn
I awoke with stars in my sight
And beheld their gleam one final time
With gravedirt at my heels.

The last time I would see their shine
'Twas the first day I ever (cried)


from The Highest Leviathan, released April 30, 2015



all rights reserved


The Highest Leviathan Rochester, New York

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